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Control the predictability and profitability of your projects from day one.

See how Procore's Preconstruction solutions can help you manage designs, estimates, tenders, and budgets across projects on one, integrated platform.

Create one hub for project communication and collaboration.

Every great project starts with a vision. Our preconstruction solutions put design and costs at the center of planning for that vision—ensuring a profitable and predictable project for everybody involved.



Proactively plan your projects.

Stop using disparate systems to communicate and collaborate with your design teams, general contractors, and trade partners. Start centralising and digitising your projects to:

  • Create one source of truth across your entire project lifecycle
  • Control and collaborate on designs with stakeholders
  • Manage the tendering process from prequalification to tender selection
  • Create detailed budgets and manage revisions through design iterations
  • Leverage insights from prior projects to improve future outcomes


Win and deliver your best work.

Eliminate the risks and inefficiencies of communicating with clients and trade partners without a single source of truth. Connect preconstruction and construction teams to: 

  • Create accurate estimates that set your project up for success
  • Streamline the tendering process from prequalification through conversions of tenders to subcontracts
  • Facilitate design review with stakeholders to ensure a full understanding of scope and cost
  • Build a budget that enables full visibility into every dollar on your project




Have confidence in your jobs and profits.

When good projects go bad, the question is always, “Was it poor execution or a bad estimate?”. Integrate preconstruction workflows from field to office to:

  • Simplify the takeoff process and build accurate estimates with a customisable library of labor and material costs
  • Automatically convert estimates to budgets for a seamless handoff to project execution
  • Review and collaborate on construction documents from one integrated platform
  • Optimise your manpower resources with scheduling across jobs



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