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PIX4Dfields - Phần mềm lập bản đồ nông nghiệp tiên tiến để phân tích cây trồng trên không và canh tác kỹ thuật số


Collect images using a drone and any standard RGB or a selected multispectral camera like Parrot Sequoia+ and MicaSense RedEdge.

Use our PIX4Dcapture app to easily plan and control your drone flight for optimal mapping.


Process imagery with the instant processing engine and get your maps directly in the field: 6.8 GB, 2948 images, 10 min (with the new radiometry module).


Generate precise orthomosaics, digital surface models, index maps, zones and accurate prescription maps.

Trim your fields to a desired field boundary to create more targeted outputs.


Visualize and understand your crop growth stages and stress levels.

Analyze and compare different layers of information for a full insight of your yield performance and use them to increase crop production and reduce costs.


Share your maps with all project stakeholders for seamless collaboration using PIX4Dfields' PDF report tool or using the share to PIX4Dcloud feature.


Download all outputs, results and insights and import them into the Farming Management Software of your choice in various industry standard formats.

Precision agriculture mapping using images from drones and UAVs

The only drone mapping software for agriculture created with the help of farmers, breeders and agronomists

In-Field Results

Create maps rapidly (no internet connection required) for faster decision making and action, without leaving the field.

Instant process field images taken from drones using Pix4Dfields agriculture software

Reliable Maps

Always get maps of your fields and crops at any critical stage regardless of satellite availability and cloud cover.

Synchronize your agriculture data between multiple devices for streamlined collaboration with Pix4dFields imagery software

Trusted Results

Eliminate guesswork by analyzing crop health maps and measure issues using calibrated multispectral or full resolution RGB images. 

Easy Sharing

Share your data via PIX4Dcloud, as PDF report and in industry standard formats.


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